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Временное изображение It lives in deserts. It feeds on other animals. It survives in the desert thanks to its long legs and large body. It runs fast, which allows it to move through the desert when it is looking for water. His hooves help to escape from the heat.
Временное изображение Pengaroo is a khaki animal, which walks on his two legs, he also can swim with his two wings and he can even fly, but he flies very rarely. Seaweeds are his favorite food, he dives to eat them and he also puts some seaweeds in his two pockets as a reserve.
Временное изображение This animal eats fish, grass and chocolate. It can live in the Zoo or be kept at home. This animal loves tenderness and care. It is playful. It has long body, fish tale, 4 paws, ears, dolphin nose. It has no fur, it is bald.
Временное изображение I want to tell you about the Magical Wild Word. Unusual animals live in it. Let’s go on our journey and get to know these animals.
Одаренные дети - портал, позволяющий молодежи общаться по интересам, развивать таланты, получать признание, поддержку профессионалов и приятные бонусы
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