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Временное изображение It lives in deserts. It feeds on other animals. It survives in the desert thanks to its long legs and large body. It runs fast, which allows it to move through the desert when it is looking for water. His hooves help to escape from the heat.
Временное изображение Leogeons will be the size of ordinary pigeons, but orange in small black spots. Leogeons will only live on the outskirts of town or in Safari. They'll be herbivores. These Leogeons will fly very fast at a speed comparable to the speed of a leopard. There will be a lot of them just like regular p...
Временное изображение These animals also live in Russia.They are not adapted to the sun.And so in the summer they go dormant.These animals feed on the fruits of mountain ash.And the housing they build out of twigs.And a greater amount of their time they spend in it.
Временное изображение Hippdile is fat and funny. It has got a long tail and short legs. It lives in lakes of Australia. It is a vegetarian. It likes to eat some flowers and drink some water from lakes. Hippdile is very friendly and has got a lot of friends.
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